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The Importance of Fresh Ingredients

the importance of fresh ingredients

Bar Enza cooks with nothing less than the freshest ingredients. To ensure our food is prepared to the highest quality, we strongly emphasize freshness. Want to learn more about the importance of fresh ingredients? Please keep reading!

Better Taste

You can't beat the taste of fresh, locally sourced ingredients when it comes to cooking. Preservatives, excess sodium, and sugar often mask a long-life processed food. Generally, the further the food travels, the more likely it is to contain unnecessary chemicals. Typically, canned foods are sterilized by boiling, which increases their shelf life. Combined with the addition of preservatives, this destroys the natural taste of products. 

Additionally, local produce is picked and distributed on the same day, which means fruit and vegetables don't need wax coatings to mask their flavors. It is wise to freeze food to preserve its natural flavor, but ice crystals can affect its shape and texture, making it less appealing. The quality of life for livestock may also be improved because local produce contains fewer antibiotics and hormones. When it comes to fresh, high-quality food, there's something special about it. Keeping mass-produced food at a safe temperature for an extended period negatively affects flavor. During service, Fresh Ideas uses batch cooking to prepare smaller portions of fresh food to enhance the freshness of the food.

Higher Sustainability

Sustainability is achieved by consuming fresh, local produce. As a result, supply-chain costs are reduced, local farmland is preserved, and fossil fuels are not used to transport produce long distances. The best way to buy local, fresh produce is to buy according to the season. More resources are required to produce out-of-season fruit and vegetables, including water, which is expensive and unsustainable. A key benefit of buying local produce is supporting local farmers and boosting the local economy.

Increased Cognitive Function

To function correctly, our brains burn a lot of energy and require a lot of fuel. We operate at a high level of efficiency when we eat a healthy diet. Additionally, nutrient-rich food strengthens our bones, boosts our immunity, and strengthens our hearts. The opposite is true if you consume many trans-fat, sugar, or sodium-containing foods. A fresh fruit or vegetable's nutrients begin to deplete the moment it is harvested. In other words, the shorter the distance between farm and table, the more nutrients the food contains and the more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber the body will absorb.

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