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The Iconic Lasagna You Have To Try in Boston

Yesterday's 100 layer lasagna on a plate

Tired of the same Italian dishes and ready for the excitement that will wow your taste buds? Yesterday’s 100 Layer Lasagna is a unique dish created by our own Chef Mark Ladner. His dedication and experience are what make this dish one to remember. From the history to the process of making the lasagna, you will want to read it all here! 


The history of Italian cooking has constantly been evolving and inspires so many creative dishes. Yesterday’s 100 Layer Lasagna has a shorter history of 10 years and was created by Michelin-Starred chef Mark Ladner. While Ladner spent 30 years as a chef in NYC, he created the most iconic lasagna known to date. Ladner’s inspiration stemmed from the fairytale the Princess and the Pea. The thought behind the 100 eggy layered lasagnas was would you notice one dried pea in 100 layers? This lasagnas prep, baking, and delivery is nothing less than perfection.

Yesterday’s 100 Layer Lasagna

Famously known, this feast of lasagna is delicately delivered and features 50 layers of fresh eggy paper-thin pasta sheets holding 50 alternating layers of Bolognese, béchamel, and marinara sauce to create a hybrid of Italian-American lasagna. This sky-high lasagna takes your breath away as every layer is laid in the pan mold to be refrigerated overnight, and then served the next day as part of the restaurant's dinner menu. The portions are then cut and seared to give every customer the coveted corner piece experience.  Searing has the added benefit of adding caramelized flavor to the dish, the resulting crispness breaking up the pudding-like texture of the lasagna.

Try Bar Enza’s Iconic Lasagna

At Bar Enza in Cambridge, we welcome you into a beautiful room with stunning furniture. Our menu is inspired by Italian cuisine that your taste buds will thank you for. Besides Yesterday’s 100Layer Lasagna, explore the rest of our menu and give us a call today at 617.661.5050 to make your reservation.